Buy Now, Pay Later & EMI Payment Options Available              Buy Now, Pay Later & EMI Payment Options Available              Buy Now, Pay Later & EMI Payment Options Available              Buy Now, Pay Later & EMI Payment Options Available              Buy Now, Pay Later & EMI Payment Options Available
Chiptuning. Everyware.


Powergate3+ is the ECU Programming Unit with touchscreen, that allows your customer to remap a vehicle’s ECU independently, using the maps that you have preloaded.


It is the right solution to reach your customers worldwide. Configure and customize Powergate3+, send it to a customer wherever he is and make his driving experience more personal and exciting.


Powergate3+ Car

lots of protocols available to expand your business in the auto industry.

Powergate3+ Bike

As for cars, with Powergate3 we provide all the most important brands of the motorcycle industry.

Powergate3+ Tractor

Agricultural work and earth-moving equipment constantly growth in the chiptuning world, here too Powergate3+ offers a wide range of solutions to intervene with complete reliability.

New Design
Elegant, modern, compact, 4.3 touchscreen
Customizable visual
You choose the graphics, the icons, the logos, the languages, YOUR VEHICLE LIST
More memory and power
256 MB to make your work quicker and it can contains up to 5 modified files.
Alientech Manager
You tool management software, constantly updated and implemented with new functions and protocols depending on the version you choose.
Virtual Reading
Find automatically you vehicle original file
Regular updates
Constant and frequent updates of the management software

Mobile and Customizable

The simplicity of reading and writing via OBD: never been so fast and intuitive; the possibility to customize its tool with graphics, logos and language, to create your customer network in a few steps and, especially, the ability to satisfy every request or need.

A Unique Software

Alientech Manager is the free software dedicated to the tuner. You have access to the vehicles list, configure, customise the graphic and load maps on Powergate3+ User, connect to the Alientech Data Bank and have information about User devices associated with you. Ease of use and maximum safety for you and your end customer.

There is no User without Decoder. The tuner purchase a single Decoder and can associate to this countless User tools, configured and preloaded with the modified files.

Powergate3+ Decoder

Is the tool that allows you to associate to your customer code and to configure all the User Powergate3+ to sell your customers. All the files you modified and uploaded to the device are encoded to protect your work and you will have a modified file internal database.

Powergate3+ User

Is the tool which is sent to the end customer. It contains the Original File of the ECU and the modified maps (up to 5 different levels of elaboration), that the customer can write on its vehicles.